Monday, April 16, 2007

State Services Commission New Zeland

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It is just me, or has the State Services Commission lost its way.

Quote “
The State Services Commission is the Government’s lead advisor on New Zealand’s public management system and works with government agencies to support the delivery of quality services to New Zealanders”

Its vision is: ”A world class system of professional State Services serving the government of the day and meeting the needs of New Zealanders”

“The State Services Commissioner's statutory roles are to appoint and manage
Public Service chief executives, provide leadership across the State Services, investigate and report on matters relating to the performance of the Public Service departments and provide guidance on integrity and conduct to State servants. It also leads New Zealand's e-government programme, has a central role in developing State Services people capability and advises the Government on the structure of the State sector, including the allocation of functions between agencies”

Ok that sounds really good in theory but what happens in practice.
Lets take a look at Child Youth and Family Services, they come under the SSC criteria. CYFS also are meant to abide by the “Public Service Code of Conduct” I suggest you read it.

So if someone has a complaint that CYFS have breached the Code of Conduct you would think the SSC would want to know and Act.
Go and read the responses from the State Services Commission (SSC) on my webpage
I would like to hear from other who have tired the avenue of the State Services Commission and see if you got results or even answer. You will also find other blogs on this page and a link to some photos


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